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Branding Infographics

Global News Rebrand



Global News is produced and broadcasted in 15 markets across the country covering the stories that matter most to Canadians and their local communities. Using big bold fonts and powerful compelling images with dramatic slices, the Global News brand showcases dramatic graphics with a focus on visual storytelling. Together, these elements produce a fluid, opening sequence and graphics package, providing a distinctive and consistent look to our news programming.

As a network news rebrand, there were numerous elements that were redesigned by our in-house team. Each of us had different responsibilities — my main tasks were to develop the online brand style guide and redesign Instagram content and online infographics.

Brand Guidelines

Developing the Brand Guidelines entailed mapping out how the information was organized so that it is clear and easy to find. That also meant providing visual examples and giving guidance so that procedures could be followed to ensure brand cohesiveness. Here are a few screengrabs from the private Brand Guidelines website:


Not only does Global News deliver content through broadcast, but they also utilize digital media to engage the audience. As the Global News Instagram account got a refresh, a number of templates were created to support the various content needs.

Infographics showcases infographics to aid online storytelling by breaking down comprehensive subjects into something that is easy to digest. Finding creative ways of presenting content and engaging the viewer while staying on brand is key.